Dematerialized Deposit Certificates

The Development Bank of Ecuador B.P. presents for your consideration the Certificates of Fixed-term Deposits through which you can schedule your investments of surplus resources, according to the term that best suits your institution. Our entity is registered in the Securities Market Registry as Public Issuer of the Financial Sector under number 2003.1.01.00242 of November 10, 2003, and the generic registration title called "CERTIFICADOS DE DEPOSITO" is registered with number 2003.1 .02.00451 of November 10, 2003.

The return that you would obtain for said investments is determined by Resolution No. 133-2015-M of September 29, 2015, issued by the Monetary and Financial Policy and Regulation Board, whose maximum effective interest rates, both for the Sector Private as well as for the Public Sector, they are the following:


RESOLUTION No. 133-2015-M

1-30 days 1,25% 1,50%
31-60 days 2,00% 2,25%
61-90 days 2,25% 2,50%
91-180 days 2,50% 2,75%
181-360 days 2,75% 3,00%
361 days plus 3,25% 3,50%


The Development Bank of Ecuador B.P. is a financial institution of the Public Development Banking, a leader in financing infrastructure projects and the provision of public services, as well as works of social interest that promote the development of local economies and improve the quality of life of the population.

The Development Bank of Ecuador B.P. is a solid institution, whose risk rating given by the Risk Rating Agency PCR Pacific Credit Rating is "AAA-".

Additionally, in the event that they make the investment, according to Resolution No. 006-2014-M of November 6, 2014 of the Monetary and Financial Policy and Regulation Board, in the Third Chapter of Financial Investments in the Sector Public, article 27, states: "The investments that the institutions, entities, agencies and companies of the public sector make from the effective date of this resolution, must be kept in custody at the Centralized Securities Depository of the Central Bank of Ecuador", reason why the certificate of deposit would be dematerialized and in the custody of the DCV of the ECB, for which the respective process must be carried out.