Our Clients

The Development Bank of Ecuador B.P. promotes and finances programs, works and projects of pre-investment, investment, infrastructure and public services, as well as housing of public and social interest, that contribute to the economic and social development of the country, prioritizing the execution of the projects of the following clients:


Municipal G.A.D.: They correspond to the Municipal Governments, as the COOTAD refers in its article 10. The municipal GADs have historically been the main clients of the Bank.


Provincial G.A.D.: They correspond to the Provincial Governments of the country, in accordance with the political-administrative division and what is indicated in the COOTAD, article 10.


Parish G.A.D.: They correspond to the parochial boards (Parish Governments) as indicated by COOTAD in its article 10.


Regional Development Organizations: These are entities created by the Municipal or Provincial GADs and, therefore, their jurisdiction is governed by the territory of the authority that created them. The following can be mentioned as examples: Public Drinking Water and Sanitation Companies, Mobility Companies, Trail Companies, Property Registries, Fire Department.


State Bodies: Public administration entities that were created with a specific objective such as transparency, social control, or a specific sector are considered in this category. For example, the Ministries, Port Authority, State Public Companies, among others.


Other organizations: These are entities that were created by the Constitution or legal regulations to carry out a specific activity and that do not appear in the previous categories. We have, for example, Universities or Foundations.


Association of Parish Boards: These bodies correspond to the National Councils of the Rural Decentralized Autonomous Governments (CONAGOPARE) and their different subsidiaries throughout the country, as defined by COOTAD in its article 313.


Private Sector: Economic sector outside the direct control of the State that receives, however, its inductive action. In this case, the clients are related to the activities of the private company for the generation of goods and services demanded by the Ecuadorian society. This category includes natural or legal persons that carry out some commercial activity in relation to the programs managed by the Bank, mainly those related to real estate businesses.

Signing of a financing agreement between the BDE and the mayor of the Quinindé canton, in the province of Esmeraldas

Signing of a financing agreement between the BDE and the Imbabura prefecture. Quito, Ecuador