Capacity Enhancement

The BDE, as development bank, through the Technical Assistance Division Management, plans, executes and monitors strengthening of capacities events with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the financial and institutional management of our clients in the scope of action of the Technical Assistance programs, products and tools.

For this, there are two modalities of strengthening of capacities:


It is the preferential didactic space for the construction and feedback of the topics to be discussed to promote knowledge, as well as a means of interaction and development of personal and group creativity. Strengthening events refer to seminars, forums, congresses, meetings and workshops, talks, and in general all events that support the institutional strengthening of Bank clients, in addition to contributing to the management of knowledge of the authorities and technicians of BDE clients.


In this mode self-study courses (MOOC), implemented within the platform MOODLE BDE are performed. The self-study courses can have a variable duration depending on the content and duration of the unit. They also allow virtual participation in forums, thus contributing to the formation of connections between participants that feed knowledge through experiences.


The link to access the virtual courses is: