Introduction to the bank

The Development Bank of Ecuador B.P. (BDE) is a financial institution belonging to the Public Development Banking, a leader in financing pre-investment projects, infrastructure, provision of public services, works of social interest and advice that promote the progress of local economies. It is also part of the Economic and Productive Sectorial Cabinet.

The institution was created on August 6, 1979, the date in which it began its operation as an autonomous legal person under private law with social and public purposes, with the name of Banco del Estado. Years later, and subject to the provisions of Executive Decree No. 867, signed on December 30, 2015, the reorganization of Banco del Estado was determined, approving its new name as Banco de Desarrollo del Ecuador B.P (Development Bank of Ecuador).

And so, the BDE was constituted as a public financial entity with its own legal personality, administrative, financial and budgetary autonomy, governed in the exercise of its activities and in the development of financial services by the Organic Monetary and Financial Code, the Decree of the reference , the standards issued by the Monetary and Financial Policy and Regulation Board, the control bodies, the Bank's General Shareholders' Meeting, its respective Board of Directors; and, in the rest, the rules of its Social Statute and those that govern public institutions.

During its existence, the BDE has established itself as the main source of national financing for local development, complying with the highest standards of integrity, transparency and innovation. We seek to contribute comprehensively to sustainable development, respecting the nature and culture of the different communities in the country. For this reason, we work in a decentralized way, financing projects that allow us to provide more health, education, basic services and quality infrastructure to all regions of Ecuador.

Proyecto Eólico Huascachaca, provincia de Azuay.