Institutional Values



The Bank’s conduct must adjust to the right of society to be informed about the activity of the public administration, providing the citizens with timely access to the information authorized in accordance with the provisions of the Law. The information requested from the Bank will be processed in accordance to the provisions for the effect that are on the Organic Law of Transparency and Access to Public Information and its General Regulations.

It must demonstrate the practice of morality and integrity, and act with the truth as basis in every action.

The publicity of the entity must be clear, precise, reasonable, adequate, validated, truthful and complete, related to the products and services offered by The Development Bank of Ecuador B, P, in accordance to the principles of fair competition and good business practice, prepared with a due sense of social responsibility and based on the principle of good faith. It must also be free from elements that could lead into an erroneous interpretation of the characteristics of the products and services offered by The Development Bank of Ecuador BP.



The Bank must maintain the confidentiality or discretion of all institutional information that has been classified as such, in accordance to the current legal regulations that govern the Institution.



It must act in accordance to the institutional needs and the welfare of the community, above particular interests. By virtue of this, the personnel who provide their services in The Development Bank of Ecuador B.P., in the performance of their functions, will not act under the influence of interests that may harm the welfare and institutional objectives, maintaining a service-oriented attitude characterized by quality, warmth, efficiency and effectiveness in serving citizens and in relationships with fellow employees.



The Bank must manifest respect, orientation, and appreciation in its actions, as well as acceptance of the consequences of its freely made decisions and be accountable for them. This also means accepting its own mistakes without transferring them to third parties.



It must take on shared responsibilities in an environment of respect, with enthusiasm, understanding, cooperation, coordination, commitment, and harmony with other areas, both internal and external, and with other Public and / or Private, national and / or international institutions for the fulfillment of institutional objectives.



It must maintain at all times the attitude of collaboration with the Institution, providing its services with commitment and care in each function and activity assigned, with efficiency and excellence, which should be oriented towards results of social, economic and environmental improvement in an integral and objective way.



The Bank must weigh social justice in all the personnel that provide their services in the Development Bank of Ecuador B.P, based on the fulfillment of duties and obligations in accordance to the current legal regulations.



It must act and proceed based on the truth in all relationships and activities that are carried out, in a proper manner with others and with oneself, with rectitude, probity and justice.



It must ensure that all the actions and behaviors of the personnel who provide their services in the Development Bank of Ecuador BP, under any modality, are authentic and professional, cultivating honesty and respect for the truth in each scenario of personal and institutional life. The opinion and fame acquired by people for their own virtues and merits will not be defamed.



Encourage the establishment of healthy interpersonal relationships, within a framework of tolerance and observance of rights and human dignity, in its different manifestations, this includes interculturality and plurinationality, including with the environment; showing consideration and support to users, with quality care, efficiently using public resources.



The Bank must achieve quality results from the efficient and effective fulfillment of the objectives and goals proposed in the institutional labor environment.



It must guarantee that the process of collecting, receiving, processing, analyzing, sending, registering and safeguarding the information is accessible only to authorized people.



The Bank must positively conduct its work team according to the requirements derived from its functions and activities, having the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that are related to the responsibility that has been assigned.