BDE contributes significantly to strengthening clients' financial and institutional capacities.

Technical Assistance is a dynamic, multidisciplinary, sustained process with a comprehensive approach, which contributes significantly to strengthening the financial and institutional capacities of Banco de Desarrollo del Ecuador BP clients, in order to promote the efficient exercise of their competencies to territorial level and achieve sustainable changes over time that contribute to improving the quality of life of the population.

Advice and technical support: They are carried out by professionals who make up the Bank's Technical Assistance team, and are qualified and committed to achieve the objectives of strengthening our clients within the framework of Technical Assistance programs and products.

Fortalecimiento de capacidades: busca transferir conocimientos, sistematizar el aprendizaje adquirido en la implementación de la Asistencia Técnica y difundirlo a través de diferentes mecanismos; generar espacios de intercambio para la réplica de buenas prácticas en un ciclo de mejora continua e innovación.

BDE provides this service through the Technical Assistance Division Management (GDAT) and the Technical Assistance Coordinations of the Zonal Branches.

With the aim of contributing to the strengthening of the management capacity of the Autonomous Decentralized Municipal Governments and their Companies, this program consists of carrying out interventions in four areas: administrative(management model, human talent, processes, assets); financial (financial sustainability, collection efficiency, past due portfolio, tariff schedules); commercial (cadastre, micro-measurement, communication and dissemination); and operational (unaccounted for water index (IANC), O&M manuals, operation of projects financed by the BDE), which allow the technical and financial sustainability of drinking water and sanitation services, through the implementation of technical assistance processes from of the Development Bank of Ecuador B.P.

When implementing Technical Assistance, the following actions are carried out:

  • Survey of diagnoses of services in the administrative, financial, commercial and operational areas.
  • Evaluation of the Service Management component in the drinking water and sanitation investment projects.
  • Elaboration of Institutional Strengthening Plans (PFI) for the management of services (objectives, goals, activities, resources, responsible and deadlines).
  • Advice on activities formulated in the PFI.
  • Advice for the development and fulfillment of conditions of credit disbursements.
  • Advice on the application of the rate simulator.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of PFIs.


For this, the following tools have been developed:

The objective of this program is to contribute to the fulfillment of the objectives of articulating the financial and institutional strengthening of the clients of the Development Bank of Ecuador B.P., by developing the potential of tax revenues for the full exercise of financial autonomy.

The products currently offered by the BDE within this program are:


  • Urban and Rural Property Tax: Aimed at all Autonomous Decentralized Municipal Governments, designed in order to contribute to the increase of municipal tax revenues. It promotes a progressive rate scheme based on the entity's property registry. For this, AT interventions are carried out in the following areas:
    • Diagnostic survey of the entity.
    • Simulation of progressive scenarios based on the reality of your canton.
    • Levantamiento de un Plan de Fortalecimiento Institucional y seguimiento que deberá cumplir en el tiempo establecido.
    • Ordinance type.


  • Special Contribution for CEM Improvements: Aimed at all Autonomous Decentralized Municipal and Provincial Governments, designed with the purpose of contributing to the increase of their own income through the total or partial recovery of the investment in works subject to recovery of the contribution. For this, technical assistance interventions are carried out in the following areas:
    • Diagnostic survey of the entity.
    • Preparation of the inventory file of GAD works subject to recovery of the contribution.
    • Accompaniment in the preparation of the projection of emission values by taxpayers based on the entity's cadastral base.
    • Rising of an action and follow-up plan that must be fulfilled in the established time.
    • Ordinance type.


  • Special Contribution for Road CEM Improvement: Aimed at Provincial GADs, designed in order to boost their own income in order to strengthen the management of the Contribution. For this, technical assistance interventions are carried out in the following areas:
    • Diagnostic survey of the entity.
    • Simulation of tariff scenarios under 3 schemes.
    • Levantamiento de un Plan de Fortalecimiento Institucional y seguimiento que deberá cumplir en el tiempo establecido.
    • Ordinance type.


  • Comprehensive Collection Strategy: Aimed at all Autonomous Decentralized Municipal and Provincial Governments, as well as their public companies to improve and strengthen their tax management that allows maximizing voluntary payment and making non-performing loans effective. For this, technical assistance interventions are carried out in the following areas:
    • Diagnosis of the entity.
    • Methodology for recovering past due portfolio.
    • Tools for the collection of issued titles.
    • Resolution formats and credit titles.


  • Producto Otros tributos: Dirigido a los Gobiernos Autónomos Descentralizados Municipales con la finalidad de mejorar su gestión financiera e incrementar sus ingresos propios generados por el cobro de los impuestos a las patentes y activos totales. Para ello se realiza intervenciones en Asistencia Técnica en los siguientes ámbitos:
    • Diagnosis of the entity.
    • Levantamiento de Plan de Fortalecimiento Institucional.
    • Simulador de patentes y activos totales..
    • Ordinance type.

Aimed at Autonomous Decentralized Municipal Governments with the objective of promoting the development of cadastral updating projects financed by the BDE, the areas intervened for the Technical Assistance process are:

  • Strengthening of technical capacities (contract administrators, municipality staff, consultants, auditors)
  • Follow-up visits and permanent accompaniment to identify progress in the completion of the project consultancies.

The Technical Assistance Cooperation Program is executed thanks to a grant of € 10,000,000 from the European Union through the French Development Agency (AFD), with the aim of strengthening the management capacities of the Decentralized Autonomous Governments ( GADM) and / or its beneficiary drinking water and sanitation companies (EP).


LAIF non-reimbursable aid is intended to finance the following components:


  1. Pre-investment studies to contribute to the identification and good design of future BDE investment programs (Component 2).
  2. Technical assistance (TA) to strengthen the capacities of the Decentralized Autonomous Governments and / or their public companies that are beneficiaries of the investment program financed by the AFD and the BDE. This line also includes the financing of the equipment necessary for the permanent management of the programs as an accompaniment to technical assistance (Component 3.1).
  3. LAIF Program Management (Component 3.2).
  4. Communication and Visibility Management Actions (Component 3.3)
  5. Program Evaluation and Audit (Component 3.4).


Global Objectives (Goal): 


  1. Achieve efficient and sustainable management, improve the economic and financial health of the beneficiary municipalities and / or their companies.
  2. Achieve greater citizen satisfaction with services.


Specific Objectives (Purpose): 

  1. Finance pre-investment studies in more fragile municipalities.
  2. Achieve good practices in the management of water and sanitation programs and services.
  3. Innovate management through a model of commonwealth between municipalities and communities.

The Technical Assistance Component seeks to provide complementary support to the PROSANEAMIENTO-AFD program, guaranteeing the good management of the investment to the beneficiary entities of the Program: Ambato, Antonio Ante, Cayambe, Guano, Guaranda, Ibarra, Lago Agrio, Latacunga, Otavalo, Pedro Moncayo, Tulcán.

In the Preinvestment component, potential projects to be financed have been identified and technical visits have been made to collect information on drinking water and sanitation in the areas of jurisdiction of the coast, Austro, Manabí and Sur Zonal Branches, with which the possible portfolio of projects to be financed is available.

Para conocer los requisitos de acceso a estos productos, puede contactarse con la Coordinación de Asistencia Zonal a la que corresponda su entidad:

North Technical Assistance Coordination

Ext: 10229

Coastal Technical Assistance Coordination

Ext: 2256

Austro Technical Assistance Coordination

Ext: 3305

South Technical Assistance Coordination

Ext: 4339

Coordination of Technical Assistance Sierra Centro Pastaza

Ext: 6023

Manabí Technical Assistance Coordination

Ext: 5125