BDE advises and monitors each of the financed projects.

Pre-investment consists of the first stage in the public investment process that, through the preparation of studies, aims to define the viability and technical, economic, financial, institutional, social and environmental impact of the projects. For this component, the investment projects of our clients will be supported for the development of definitive studies that allow the execution of public investment works. In addition, guidelines are contemplated that support the social profitability and sustainability of the projects and, in turn, demonstrate agreement with the strategies of the development plans of local governments. Thus, the pre-investment component finances the following:

  • Studies for public investment projects that are included in the sectors financed by the Bank.
  • Updating or complementation of studies previously carried out, which have been financed with any type of fund, as a prerequisite for the granting of investment financing.
  • Preparation of sectional or regional development plans.


  • Certification of compliance as established in the Organic Code of Planning and Public Finance, and Bank requirements.
  • Certification in which the project is within the Development and Territorial Organization Plan.
  • Certification that the project is declared a priority by the highest executive authority of the GAD, within the framework of what is established in the Organic Code of Planning and Public Finance.
  • Project profile.
  • Terms of Reference of the Pre-investment Study.
  • Approval of the Terms of Reference by the governing entity (MTOP, MAAE, MINTUR, among others), according to the sector and type of project.
  • Execution schedule.
  • Financial information of the Entity: Until March 31 of each year, the budgetary settlements, financial statements (balance sheet, verification, results, cash flow) of the immediately preceding year, for review and update of the risk rating of credit and determination of the debt quota.